Our services

  • Prop Capital Realty has a great experience and knowledge in the market which work with accumulated skills to identify the property desired by you.

  • The advisor invests his time in visiting from 15 to 30 items to submit 3 to 5 selected properties which reflect the requirements.

  • In case the request comes from distant countries we send pictures and movies reporting the properties viewed.

  • Savings time, travels, accommodation. – To avoid loss of time to dedicate to visits – we do it for you.

  • Careful management of the financial interests of client. – We discuss the price with the seller protecting your interest and managing the payment method.

  • Our task is to manage your real needs as a buyer facing the fact that there are some insistent agents whose only focus is to receive their commission.

  • Privacy is guaranteed by consultancy contract. Your name will not be released until we proceed the purchase agreement.

  • Facilitate the purchase and achievement of practices in full compliance with real estate laws of place.